Monday, August 28, 2017

Make Your Life What It Is Meant To Be

I had an amazing dream this morning.

I bought a business and building without having seen them.

The price was low for what I assumed was a small space, and I thought I should just do it and figure out details later.

I went to see it knowing nothing about it.

I learned as I looked through.

The first floor was a large restaurant. They served muffins. It was like a hotel restaurant, with carpet. There were people here to eat, and  wait staff working. I hadn't known it was still operating.

These were the kind of muffins I wouldn't eat, and decor I wasn't crazy about, but I saw that there was a lot to work with. The people were happy to be here. It was apparently a famous place people knew about. There weren't many people here, but there would be with some thoughtful changes. This was a special place, and I knew I had to create a business that honored that for the people who wanted to be here.

Also on this level was a beautiful toy store with charming play areas for children. There was a nursing room for mothers that was the only spot in the building that needed a complete overhaul. I let a woman in the room know I would soon make it better.

I walked up the staircase to a huge, round, brick room with theater seating. I walked up to the balcony and looked down to a brick wall separating the balcony from the lower levels. In the brick wall was an eye hole where a person could stand and watch the movie or live production. There was a production going on right now with people attending.

There were mechanisms for getting people in on hospital beds if they were infirm, but wanted to be here.

It was beginning to dawn on me how awesome this place was.

Above the theater was a beautiful church with white, green and gold elements. Mass was about to start.

It was as though it had been built many years ago, when buildings were meant to withstand time, elements, everything, and be beautiful as well. It was meant as a place where people could enjoy each part of their life in a way that was meaningful to them. The food they eat, the ideas that engage their mind, their spiritual life. Body, mind and spirit were all engaged.

I walked through to other areas and was passed by a group of wealthy-looking, arrogant people.

I knew they thought it was still for sale and were looking to buy, but it didn't matter. It was already mine.

The whole time I was there, learning about what I had bought, I kept thinking of three things I needed to do to keep from feeling overwhelmed.

I needed to find someone on the staff to show me how each room worked. I needed to keep the place running as is in the meantime to make money for improvements. I needed to meet all the staff and decide who would stay and who would go. As I went through I noticed some of the wait staff were happy and some were miserable and made everyone else miserable. I wanted to assure the happy people and my customers that misery would not be welcome here.

I could make this place what it was meant to be.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Be Light; Carry Nothing With You

I meditated this afternoon and asked Sivananda for guidance, and company. I was feeling bad and having trouble shaking the bad feeling. External events irking me, even though I know better than to take things personally.

Sivananda invited me with him on a picnic. When I opened the picnic basket, it was empty. I looked at Sivananda to ask where my picnic was. I was expecting to see lovely things. I even picked at the bottom of the basket to make sure I was seeing correctly.

There was nothing there.

I looked at Sivananda and asked him what it meant.

He invited me to look at the wide-open, clear sky.

I still didn't get it. So I asked.

Sivananda said, be light, carry nothing with you.

Not even in a pretty picnic basket.

By "light" he meant both light, as in weightless (no food in picnic basket = no burden/sadness/grudge/judgment/etc-holding) and light, as in, if you carry no food in your basket, you will dispel darkness for others. Your example will spread and little by little, one person to the next will drop their baskets and we will have peace on earth and in our hearts.

It's so important when something happens that bothers you not to dwell on it. That is you giving it strength. Without the dwelling, it is powerless against you.

Be light; carry nothing with you.