Monday, June 18, 2018

Right Will Triumph Over Evil

There is a fable that a frog will not jump out of boiling water if he starts out in tepid water and the temperature is increased gradually.

The idea is that when an uncomfortable situation gets worse slowly, we acclimate to the discomfort and do nothing to save ourselves until we eventually are no longer able to save ourselves.

This is the situation we find ourselves in with this current administration. We've devolved to the point where children are being used to force adults to get in line.

No matter what decisions adults make, children should always be protected. We no longer understand this.

We look at past horrors and ask ourselves, how did we let this happen? We say, never again. Yet, it is happening again, and we're not recognizing it because it looks different. Or we are, but we have no new strategy yet to change it.

We keep marching and signing petitions and getting nowhere.

This awful person running this country is the embodiment of evil. He is a manifestation of the worst that is in all of us and his power is only increasing with every horror we allow him to get away with.

This deliberate decision to harm children should have us all revolting against this administration in a way that will affect actual change, and yet, we do nothing different to make the change.

I am the first to admit, I don't have the answer.

But someone does.

Or maybe we all do, together.

Please anyone reading this, please sit silently for a minute today and visualize this policy being reversed and the families back together. It's the only thing I can think to do at the moment, and it's at least a start.

Please also spread the word.

We're stronger together.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Take It Slow

This morning I went for a jog, after about three years of not jogging.

It was the first time I really felt excited about getting back to something I used to really enjoy.

I decided to run for 45 minutes, going back and forth on a nature trail close to where I live.

The air was cool and perfect for running.

When I started, it was so easy.

There's a bird-watching tower along the way and I thought it would be fun to add running up and down the stairs to my workout.

When I turned around to come back, it was harder.

I thought maybe it was slightly uphill this way.

I went up and down the stairs again, got to the beginning and turned around again, and again, it was easier going this way.

Going back was harder, and I realized I was running much faster, trying to hurry through the harder part.

I kept telling myself to slow down rather than get to the point where I'd have to walk. Just keep going, but slow down.

It's natural to want to hurry through the hard parts, because they're so unpleasant. But hurrying through doesn't get us to the other side faster. It only makes the difficulties more arduous.

Learning to slow down through the hard parts, to be thoughtful, even when emotion takes over, can help us get through them faster, and come out the other side ready to start again.