Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Going Over to the Dark Side

I've given up. I've exhausted all energy supplies.

I've spent a lifetime railing against it.

I'm the loudest among all I know about how pointless it is.

I've resented it, wished it away over and over again.

But, I can't beat it. And there's no denying it. It's getting stonger every year.

I'm tired of being mad at it. So I'm joining it.

What am I talking about?

If you're thinking the Republican party …

Of course not! I haven't lost my mind …

I'm talking about the frigid, icy weather.

I'm a different person this year. I've embraced a new persona.

From now on, I'm Nanuck of New Jersey.

This year I've learned to love the winter months.

They include Valentine's day, my all-time favorite holiday.


Half-priced Valentine's candy February 15th!

I'm partial to the Russell Stover's with the fluff on the inside. Especially the pink, strawberry fluff.

What's better than pink fluff? I can't think of anything.

Everything everywhere you go is pink and red - how much fun is that?

I'm beginning to adore the ever-present pale grey skies. Who needs the pressure of constant sunshine?

Icy roads - they keep you in the moment!

Mountains of dirty snow outside my window - if it's not on my car, it's just a pretty scene.

If you start to slip on the sidewalk, you can slide into an impromptu ice skate.

You can get in bed before 9 pm and not feel like you're wasting your life away.

Any time you make it somewhere - anywhere - you feel like a hero on your own personal reality show. They should have applause machines in icy parking lots.

Your lips are so pink from being chapped, you're always looking flirty.

Winter clothes are 75% off and you still need to wear them - hello brand new wardrobe in February!

Ah, winter …getting into some cozy pajamas and crawling into a toasty bed at 8:30, sucking pink fluff out of chocolate candies and watching brightly colored nonsense on TV …what's not to love?

I know you love it too, comment and let me know why!


  1. i hate that fluff crap , but ive always respected winter ... good post

  2. Oh my dear, I needed a good laugh. I just love the "Nanuk of NJ" your new name.....Satya/Nanuk:) There is something to be said about embracing that with which we can not change. In fact we need the darkness to appreciate the light. Keep warm dear friend and easy on the pink fluffy stuff:)