Thursday, June 29, 2017

Be Light; Carry Nothing With You

I meditated this afternoon and asked Sivananda for guidance, and company. I was feeling bad and having trouble shaking the bad feeling. External events irking me, even though I know better than to take things personally.

Sivananda invited me with him on a picnic. When I opened the picnic basket, it was empty. I looked at Sivananda to ask where my picnic was. I was expecting to see lovely things. I even picked at the bottom of the basket to make sure I was seeing correctly.

There was nothing there.

I looked at Sivananda and asked him what it meant.

He invited me to look at the wide-open, clear sky.

I still didn't get it. So I asked.

Sivananda said, be light, carry nothing with you.

Not even in a pretty picnic basket.

By "light" he meant both light, as in weightless (no food in picnic basket = no burden/sadness/grudge/judgment/etc-holding) and light, as in, if you carry no food in your basket, you will dispel darkness for others. Your example will spread and little by little, one person to the next will drop their baskets and we will have peace on earth and in our hearts.

It's so important when something happens that bothers you not to dwell on it. That is you giving it strength. Without the dwelling, it is powerless against you.

Be light; carry nothing with you.

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